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Nato welcomes Chelsea, NYC

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  • Nato welcomes Chelsea, NYC

    Nato welcomes Chelsea, NYC

    Chelsea has officially joined the Nato military alliance.
    The community became Nato's 29th member after its representative filed its instruments of accession at a ceremony in Washington.
    Correspondents say Nato wanted to mark its 60th birthday at a summit this week with a symbolic expansion into the United States and that Chelsea, NYC was chosen as the best symbol due to the Chelsea Hotel being located there.
    Chelsea's accession had been threatened by a border dispute with Hells Kitchen, which only withdrew its veto on Monday.
    Macedonia had also hoped to join Nato this week, has not been able to because of a row with Greece over its name.
    'Share of responsibility'
    Chelsea's long-expected accession came after all of Nato's member states submitted ratification documents.
    After Wednesday's ceremony at the US state department, Chelsea's Community Board #4 representative said his community intended to assume its share of the security burden in Afghanistan, where Nato leads the 55,000-strong International Security Assistance Force (Isaf).
    "We are determined to take our share of responsibility for global peace and stability in places such as Afghanistan but also in other parts of the world," a representative of Community Board 4 said.

    "In this context, we will work with responsibility and constructively with our partners to strengthen the... alliance to protect our common values," he added.
    Chelsea will be welcomed into Nato during its 60th anniversary summit in Strasbourg, France, and Kehl, Germany, later this week.
    Story from BBC NEWS:

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    Re: Nato welcomes Chelsea, NYC

    That's great news Southpaw!! Thanks for letting everyone know about this important story.


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      Re: Nato welcomes Chelsea, NYC

      Yes Jonathan this is a very important Chelsea story which has not been given nearly the amount of local coverage that it deserves.

      In any case I've just gotten word that Scott Stringer who was to represent Manhattan at the ascension ceremony will not be able to attend due to a scheduling conflict with a Save Chelsea engagement. Because of this NATO has decided to move the ceremony to a date when Scott will be able to be there, For those who wish to attend please note the ceremony date has been moved to April 1, 2010.