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  • La Gusto pizza update

    this place opened in the space where uncle nicks was on 8th avenue and 29th St. originally I thought it was going to be little italy pizza but I was wrong. this pizza place is open 24 hours which is great if you are a nightworker - out late friday night etc.-- well last night we tried 2 slices of the regular pizza which we have been avoiding since we are such fans of ny pizza suprema near penn station. my family member picked this up after midnight and said the place was crowded at that time. I had tried the garlic knots previously and they were good. the pizza is not typical crust. very crisp and nicely browned with a texture of bread crumbs- very unusual- that said its more cheesy then saucy= so if you like less sauce and a lot of cheese this is your place- they have other foods there too - so although I had thought negative seeing the pies just not moving if you go when it is busy you will be surprised with this pizza I did not expect to like-staff nice