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  • Cavallos

    As of tomorrow, Cavallos on 8th ave 27th st, will be under new management which means new menu and eventually new name.

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    wow I did not know- they own the original one on 7th Avenue and 28th st. is it only this one? I ate there a few times and did not care for the food so much. the roasted veggies was way better then chicken parm. never tried the pizza. the manager was always around in the evenings and most of the people were penn south neighbors. same regulars


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      The previous eatery at that location didn't last too long either.


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        I wonder why! It seems like it's always got a crowd. I also did like its food. It was a wait, but I did think it was worth it.


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          a friend said she ate under the new management and commented on her page that the food is better now. she mentioned the new name- I am confused if the manager switched or is it just ownership or maybe a partner switch= this happens a lot in restaurants= changing partners- keeping some- after all it is a business deal- this lady is half italian and knows her food I think- Oh I did not like the chicken parm that was from old ownership but they had good roadsted vegetables- above average which surprised me


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            walked over and grabbed menu- spoke to the new owner, name of the place is Claudio's and they have nothing to do with the Cavallos that remains on 7th Avenue/ I was told the manager stayed on. table service remains. I pizza from what I saw did not seem great. there is a new menu- totally differernt and some offers-deals- they have gelato in front when you walk in which is a plus