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    The Chelsea location finally opened. Enjoyed some great bratwurst sliders today with a Beglian Ale. There is so much to choose from and the service was friendly and knowledgeable. Hope they do well.

    The Belgian Ale was fine, but I never finished it. I had to order a lovely raspberry mead. So much to try.

    Next time I go, I'm ordering that German pretzel.

    Yes, it was loud, but loads of fun.

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    Re: World Of Beer

    yes that'swhat I wanted to at melian,. I love bratwurstand the pretzel did sound good. I had looked at the menu online for the chelsea location. oh so its loud. I probably would just take out and skip the beer myself but for all others who want a night out- a noisy one at that- lets just say my kids are are looking forward to going- kind of a social thing once an awhile