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new food truck area on west 33rd st

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  • new food truck area on west 33rd st

    got to love it--- anew food truck area has opened right by penn south co-op= its on wesr 33rd st and 9th Avenue== 333 west 33rd st. next to B&H photo-- its in a really nice courtyard with tables and chairs== the hours are from eleven to 3pm for lunch trucks and 4pm to i think 8pm for dinner trucks== 2 trucks per time period. today was a kosher schnitzel truck and an italian food truck for lunch= other trucks are carls cheese steaks and a vietnamese food truck- each weekday it is a different set of trucks== it is only mom to friday-- set up very nicely- so if you are a fan of food trucks you might like it- most people seemed to be taking it to go so plenty of tables to sit and the atmosphone surprisingly pleasant for in the middle of manhattan

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    Re: new food truck area on west 33rd st

    I haven't been at 33rd and 9th yet, but it looks like this is part of a larger concept on 32nd 33rd street...

    Plaza 33 is on 7th and 33rd street

    We’re building a public amphitheater for sitting and sunning. The 33rd Street side of Two Penn Plaza will open up with new garage-style doors to bring in some fresh air. And with free Wifi across the entire plaza, you can stay connected during your visit. link

    On 32nd street parking has been taken out on one side of the street and been replaced by a linear pedestrian plaza. link

    At One Penn Plaza there is now a staffed parkhouse offering activities....
    Take 10 with Free Activities
    Relive your favorite part of the school day with Midtown Recess. De-stress and clear your mind with activities including giant Jenga, Slinkys, checkers, jump ropes, hula hoops, and Rubik's cubes. Tag, you're it!

    33rd Street is a bit further north


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      Re: new food truck area on west 33rd st

      well I think the new one is run by different people. looks like they changed it to keep the 2 same trucks all day instead of switching to 2 different trucks..could be a better variety of trucks.that said its a good concept-- vornado the real estate company runs the one near penn plaza-- the other one is run by mary giuiani


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        Re: new food truck area on west 33rd st

        There is a story in DNA Info on the food court


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          Re: new food truck area on west 33rd st

          yes there is and I cant copy and paste so thanks for the article- its how I discovered the trucks there. I normally do not go down that street and woudnt have known


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            Re: new food truck area on west 33rd st

            Might as well turn this topic into what's happening new in Chelsea on seating...

            Pop-Up Site Invites Public To Take a Seat

            The car had been parked on the northeast corner of 13th Street and 5th Avenue for the entire week, taking up space and collecting neon orange tickets.
            Students at Parsons School of Design had a more egalitarian vision for the space. But first, they had to get the car towed and out of the way.
            The 240 square foot parking spot is now the site of sleek wooden platform adorned with seats and tables—a project designed and constructed by Parsons students for the public to “rest, to read, and communicate,” according to Mark Rakhmanov, one of the Parsons students behind the project.
            “Seeing our design come to fruition was an incredible experience,” Rakhmanov added. “We worked on it from the initial idea, to the drawing board, to the models, to the completed space. It was also entirely built by hand, working within Parsons’ very own facilities. This humble sense of ownership of the design truly makes us proud of its existence.”
            The creation of ten students from Parsons’ Architectural Design, Interior Design and Product Design programs, the pop-up space was constructed using sustainably harvested Ipe wood for the tiles and lumber and aluminum for the edge guardrails. It is one of the sites of Street Seats, a program of the Department of Transportation that enables the creation of seasonal public open spaces at locations where sidewalk seating is not normally available.
            “Before this was a parking spot; now, it’s a public space,” said Nick Brinen, assistant professor of Interior Design and the faculty member leading the project. “We provided something that slows down traffic—a place where people can have impromptu meetings and conversations, lunch or coffee, or simply to rest and relax.” link