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    ok this is interesting to me- the chinese resturant on 8th ave.. and 28th St. next to 711 seems to have change of ownership. I stopped eating there a long time ago due to the dinginess of the place and terrible food- food citations- last seemed to be mice. now I am going to wait and see if it is really new owners when the health dept. rating comes out. nothing in the window yet. so do i believe the lady at the counter that it is new??? I saw flies in there anyway and the inside looks the same. the menu looked better and hours are much longer- open early, closes late-- iam a sucker for vietnamese food and the dessert menu looked interesting also. so hoping they get a A grade and get rid of any flies i saw. right now it doesnt look appetizing in there except for the interesting menu- oh well

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    Re: Hoa chinese vietnamese

    same owner and chef as the chelsea cottage that closed on 9th ave around 22nd st.-- they are waiting on their board of health rating in around 2 weeks- it looks a lot better then the takeout that was there before them with nicer tables and chairs. need to improve lighting and even the window looks better with pictures covering the window