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  • 9th ave food festival

    ok its not chelsea but I must say there are a few stand outs at the 9th ave international food fest. I was there yesterday-- Briciola is a really good choice- I had meatballs and another family member had the octupus- we were there at different times and both happened to eat there- we both said our food was above average and they even have a table and chairs to sit. its around 50th st. the poseidon greek bakery is always good and Lilie Fable started it all. I prefer the spinach pie and their strudels. I love cherry and they even have cherry cheese but the hubby likes pineapple. city sandwich is a little closer to us and I have had their meatballs last year. the 46th st block association is the place for dessert. at 3 bucks a slice of cake and its all good, restauraunts donate so you get good quality at good price. hazelnut cake is a standout for me 2 years in a row a slice. stay away from the mac and cheese at miss daisys but their other stuff is ok