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Bush & Big Oil

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  • Bush & Big Oil

    Remember before the November elections how everyone on the Left was screaming that Bush was controlling oil prices and they speculated that he was somehow bringing them down so as to help the Republican's re-election chances? And remember how people on the Left have ALWAYS said that Bush is controlled by the big oil companies and he does everything in order to help them? Remember how they said we went into Iraq to help Bush's oil "cronies"? The thinking was that one it would give Haliburton a lot of new work and two it would help the American oil companies get their hands on that sweet Iraqi oil.

    I know you guys remember this.

    Well, why is it that no one is now talking about the fact that oil prices are in a 5-month long free fall. If Bush controlled world oil prices so much that he was able to lower them just before the election and if his overriding guiding principle is to help his oil "buddies", then why is he continuing to let oil prices plummet?

    I love the way the Left jumps all over him when they think they have evidence that "convicts" him, but there's not narry a word when there is a ton of evidence that exculpates him from their charges! Why is that?

    The way oil prices have been plummeting (down another $2.09 just today - to $50.90) the big oil companies are going to lose billions of dollars in profits. Why would Bush who apparently controls oil prices (at least that's what they said before the election) let oil prices slide so much as to cost his "buddies" so much money?

    Oil stocks are WAY down since the summer. The price of a barrel of oil has plummeted from a high of almost $80 just a few months ago to $50 today. That doesn't help his Saudi "buddies" or his oil "buddies"! Keep in mind that this means his oil "pals" who own millions of shares of oil stocks have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in just the last few months. Why do you think he would let that happen?

    So what's up guys? Why not even a word on this subject from anyone on the Left. Wouldn't you think they'd be saying "wow, we must have been wrong about Bush and what motivated him"? Wouldn't you think that's what this new evidnece would help them to see?