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  • NID taxes?

    The Hudson Park organization wants the neighborhoods around the Hudson parks to pay extra taxes (as I understand it, like, $75 per resident a year?!) to cover what they couldn't cover themselves.
    So. Today there is a commercial event. I have no access to the large lawn over there. Old Navy, with a staff of about 50, and big speakers, and I can hear their music here about seven blocks away.

    Yeah, I want to pay taxes on this.

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    Re: NID taxes?

    I sometimes wonder why HRP was created so poorly funded and always seems to be in monetary trouble. A few weeks ago I heard Fred Kent of Project for Public Spaces speak at a parks forum on the Upper East Side , he may have explained why. He said HRP is considered George Pataki's Park. When Pataki left office no politician took up the park to champion it and its problems, and so it hangs in a limbo.


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      Re: NID taxes?

      Rest assured that someone, somewhere, is making beau coup bucks on the whole thing. This is New York, after all.


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        Re: NID taxes?

        Originally posted by SNAP View Post
        Rest assured that someone, somewhere, is making beau coup bucks on the whole thing. This is New York, after all.
        Snap here's a cautionary tale from our neighbors on the east side...

        At Community Board 1’s Seaport Committee meeting on April 16, Jerry Gallagher, general manager of the South Street Seaport Museum, said that the museum only has enough money to carry it through the end of June. He also accused The Howard Hughes Corporation, which has a 60-year lease on much of the South Street Seaport property, of deliberately trying to put the museum out of business.

        Here's where it gets interesting, the Hughes folks are trying to get rid of the museum, yet the reason for the existence of the Seaport Shopping mall was to help fund the Museum!

        Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Councilmember Margaret Chin and State Sen. Daniel Squadron fired off a letter to Howard Hughes Corp. Wednesday saying it was “incumbent” on the developer to come up with a way to allow the South Street Seaport Museum to stay. “As a leaseholder with plans to develop much of the surrounding area, we feel it is incumbent upon Howard Hughes to help our community come up with a solution that will keep the doors open at this outstanding museum,” read the May 1 letter to David Weinreb, C.E.O. of Hughes. “In fact, revenue generated from retail at the Seaport was always intended to help support the museum.”
        The original 1981 lease between Howard Hughes’ predecessor in the Seaport, the Rouse Company, and the Seaport Museum was supposed to provide a funding source for the museum...

        The corporation, which has a 60-year lease on portions of the Seaport, got City Council approval in March to demolish and rebuild the Pier 17 mall. After the vote, the city’s Economic Development Corp. released an unredacted Letter of Intent revealing Howard Hughes’ desire to build a large hotel and residential building in the neighborhood.


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          Re: NID taxes?

          Thank you, Southpaw. I rest my case.

          Since Day One the purpose of the Seaport has been to get money out of peoples’ pockets in the mall and the area’s stores. The historic vessels, museum and other maritime areas of interest were designed, at best, as a glossy come-on to be used as interesting background for tourists’ photos before and after they over-spent at Pier 17. What should have been the heart of the entire area has never been properly funded or managed. Had it been, the original successful port in North America and the gateway to the interior of our continent would have a befitting maritime museum on the order of the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

          It is no less than a shameful disgrace that the greatest city in the world, with one of the world’s richest maritime heritages, lacks this.

          Dollars-to-doughnuts, the same fate awaits Governors Island.

          Of course, the terribly sad and disheartening issue is that these are far from the only examples of insatiable avariciousness that one sees in this city. The demoralizing fact leads one to ask “Why cannot the right thing be done simply because it is the right thing?” How much profit is enough? How much self-love and publicity is enough?


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            Re: NID taxes?

            more shocking reality. Tonight I went to Pier 65 – just south of the frying pan – to read,half an hour of outside time.

            Near the end on the top of the hill, it looked like a set up for a movie or something, like big lights or something. There was a big machine near the rails near the water. They were laying a cable to this machine. 5 minutes later, somebody clicked it on, and it's a generator.

            We are on a grass and tree pier, a place where people go for solace, and they were setting up for evidently some kind of PA system– What ?! – for a class of some kind.

            The generator was roaring, there was no way to stay there.

            W. T. F.

            who MAKES these decisions? Which part of: this is NATURE, do you not understand ?! I just get steam coming out of my ears that stuff like this.

            Oh yeah and you're going to tax the residence for this. Unbelievable.