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"Pier closed for private party" --!

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  • "Pier closed for private party" --!

    so there are red signs up on Pier 64 (which is across from 25th St.) saying it's going to be closed tomorrow "for a private party".
    What kind of organization has the power to close a public park ?!

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    Re: "Pier closed for private party" --!

    Don't know -- but I sure would love to find out and ask them to use their power to close the entrance to the garden of Bldg. 5 here in Penn South. During decent weather the homeless find their way inside and many have slept on the benches, some bring radios and, especially in the warm summer evenings there's noise out there until the early morning hours. Once I saw a bunch of school kids passing marijuana around before going to school. Whenever I've asked about putting a gate on there with a key for residents I've only gotten nasty replies from management.