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  • "Is It a Scientific Statement?"

    I wonder whether somebody is trying to confuse the rest of us by taking various elements of different news stories and combining them into some kind of hodgepodge. The fact is that in my May 28th blog here, I wrote about the threat to our city's water supply posed by the proposal being pushed by the Paterson Administration, with the support of many Upstate landowners, and some natural gas drilling companies, for high volume hydraulic fracturing of the Marcellus Shale rock formation underlying the City's Catskill-Delaware Watershed. My blog doesn't deal with CO2, but actually some people are supporting gas drilling (by any means) as a way of lessening the amount of CO2 that goes into the atmosphere from the production of energy using coal and oil, since the notion has been spreading of "clean natural gas", without any consideration of the entire natural gas production cycle, including the operation of the pumps, using other kinds of energy, to bring the natural gas to the surface from underground, as well as the trucking of chemicals and millions of gallons of water to the wellheads (in the case of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas), and then the hauling away of millions of gallons of process (waste)water after the gas has begun to flow from underground.

    I believe I mentioned in my blog of May 28th, that there were among the many toxic chemicals used in the hydrofracking process endocrine disruptors, and a tiny amount of those in a million gallons of your drinking water goes a long way in harming your body function. If you want to know more about endocrine disruptors, just google Dr. Theo Colborn. She's the expert on them and has been speaking and writing extensively about them and their presence in peoples' private well water in the western states where "fracking" has been going on for some time.

    The statement referred to about CO2 and endocrine disruptors is not a scientific statement, and as a non-scientist, I can't say anything about CO2 and endocrine disruptors, but I've certainly heard James Hansen, who is a climate scientist, speak about bringing the amount of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere down to 350 parts per billion from where it is now, which is over 380 parts, if we are to reverse the trend in climate change before it becomes irreversible (and we hope it hasn't reached that point already).

    Let's not quibble over the particulars of these various messages. I don't think any of us are scientists, but we can certainly do some research on our own. Let's not just "fiddle while Rome burns." Find a way you can take action to make sure the people who run this country do the wise and prudent thing to prolong the survival of life on our finite planet. The messages coming from today's true environmentalists are not part of a hoax or a Communist plot.