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    Dear Neighbors,

    I am humbled by all the kind words expressed towards the things I wrote. So please allow me, in these days of THANKSGIVING to say; thank you!

    I love America, and I love New York, especially because of the wonderful and loving people who live here. (and yes I also adore its restaurants)

    Look, once the United States had been established as an independent nation, President George Washington proclaimed a day of national thanksgiving for November 26, 1789.

    My congregation, Congregation Shearith Israel, which this continent's first and oldest Jewish congregation, held a service on that first Thanksgiving Day (and has continued to do so each year since), at which time the Reverend Gershom Mendes Seixas delivered an address. He noted that the Jewish community had reason to rejoice "as we are made equal partakers of every benefit that results from this good government; for which we cannot sufficiently adore the God of our fathers who hath manifested his care over us in this particular instance; neither can we demonstrate our sense of His benign goodness, for His favourable interposition in behalf of the inhabitants of this land." For the first time since antiquity, Jews were living in a land where they were equal citizens with equal rights. The small Jewish community of the early United States was keenly aware of the fact that they were enjoying rights and responsibilities denied to Jews in every other land in the world. They were committed to participating actively and proudly in American life, as full fledged citizens of the United States.

    The President-Elect descents from yet another minority living on this beautiful continent. It is just fantastic that he was elected. In his last Message on the State of the Union, President Roosevelt said:

    "This new year of 1945 can be the greatest year of achievement in human history.

    "1945 can see the final ending of the Nazi-Fascist reign of terror in Europe.

    "1945 can see the closing in of the forces of retribution about the center of the malignant power of imperialistic Japan.

    "Most important of all--1945 can and must see the substantial beginning of the organization of world peace."

    Indeed, as Roosevelt's successor, President Truman, stated: "All those hopes, and more, were fulfilled in the year 1945. It was the greatest year of achievement in human history. It saw the end of the Nazi-Fascist terror in Europe, and also the end of the malignant power of Japan. And it saw the substantial beginning of world organization for peace. These momentous events became realities because of the steadfast purpose of the United Nations and of the forces that fought for freedom under their flags. The plain fact is that civilization was saved in 1945 by the United Nations."

    May God bless, preserve, guard and assist the President-Elect and his administration. May he lead this nation towards a true peace and great prosperity.

    With best wishes!


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      Salomon, I'm so glad you're here in New York! And that was beautiful what your Reverend said on that first Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for sharing that with us. I think and hope that all continues to be true. And you know, America is the only nation on earth that was founded upon JUDEO-Christian principles and values. So Jews and Judaism have a very special place here. You're not just an equal partaker in rights, but you're an integral part of our fabric.

      And SNAP - you know... you're absolutely right! I stand happily corrected. We've had plenty of opportunity to be exposed to people like Ahamadinejad, and we (and the media) pretty much ignore it as best and as quickly as we can. Because we don't like to see anything that "unpleasant". Who could blame anyone for not? But by ignoring it or trying to pretend it doesn't exist, we put ourselves at risk of experiencing it.


      • Re: Obama or McCain?

        Originally posted by tarmill View Post
        we (and the media) pretty much ignore it as best and as quickly as we can.
        History has a habit of repeating itself, e.g.:


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          Originally posted by SNAP View Post
          I understand and agree with your sentiment here, but I'll have to disagree with the way you're stating it. Unfortunately, we have been exposed to it before, and almost constantly over the past thirty or so years. Witness Pol Pot, Rawanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Uganda, Sudan, Somalia, Albania and the list goes on. The problem isn't that we haven't been exposed to it, the problem is that we have perfected the art of ignoring it. The media would rather make us fully aware of Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Homer Simpson and other worthy icons and role models, and too many politicians would rather feed us platitudes about how they've been "fighting" for this or that program that will help them keep their jobs without offending too many people while ducking that most difficult of endeavors - real leadership.
          File under "Better Late Than Never": I just realized that I omitted the most glaringly obvious example of all - the rather large pit downtown bordered by Vesey, Church, Liberty and West Streets.