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That Ol' Diebold; just full of "surprises"

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  • That Ol' Diebold; just full of "surprises"

    I See ( that Diebold was courteous enough to pre-announce that the upcoming election will be more flawed then it would be if they were not involved.

    Here's my favorite part: "Ohio will continue to use the Premier machines in the Nov. 4 election. Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said identifying the cause of the problem will enable the state to prepare election officials to watch for the problem and correct it should it resurface."

    I think the contracted consultant to advise on how to "watch for the problem and correct it should it resurface", was referred by Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

    This particular manufacturer has a history of turning out product that is inadequate for the importance of the data it handles. Where have all our politicians been all this time?

    One would think a bunch as obsessed with their own re-election, would want to be sure ever hard-won vote was counted as the voter intended. Why leave your expensive success at risk of happenstance?

    I would never suggest that any of the anomalies possible, in the recording of votes by these admittedly fault machines, could or would fall outside the realm of equal chance.

    Perish the thought.

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