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Space for informal party?

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  • Space for informal party?

    Do any of you have a space (like an empty loft, for instance), or do you know of someone who rents a loft or a large space/apartment for events?

    Or maybe if you have a place you are about to move in or you just moved out and nobody is coming before next month ...
    ... well ... I'd like to organize an informal party for my birthday on the last weekend of March (or of April).
    I'd like to prepare my own food and ask friends to bring something to drink. I will have a friend take care of the music.
    I need to do everything as cheaply as possible, so the commercial spaces available for corporate events and weddings are out of my budget.
    I might have as many as 100 guests, so I need a large space (definitely larger than my shoebox apartment) and one where noise will not be a problem for neighbors.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Space for informal party?

    You might want to check out TRS Studios. I believe they are in the 20s on 6th avenue.


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      Re: Space for informal party?

      There's a place and I can't for the life of me think of the exact location right now, but it's like on 10th Ave between 30th & 34th I want to say. It's an old warehouse building, very large building and I'm guessing about 10-15 stories. On the top floor is a photo studio and they rent it out for parties. I've driven by and they have a sign on the ground floor level that says something about renting out the top floor for parties. If I have a chance to get by there I'll try to get more details for you.