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Chelsea Broker Recommendations?

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  • Chelsea Broker Recommendations?

    I think everybody has probably had a bad experience with an apartment broker, but given that they seem to be an unavoidable fact of life in New York, has anybody used a Chelsea broker that they'd recommend? I ask because I'm trying to build an online directory of recommended NY brokers by neighborhood and wanted to see if anybody could help me (and your fellow New Yorkers) by adding a recommendation for Chelsea.

    Here's my current list of Chelsea apartment brokers; there's a link at the bottom of each page to add a broker.

    Thanks in advance for any help, and also apologies if I'm using this forum incorrectly to promote a personal project. I definitely don't want to be guilty of SPAM, so please do delete this post if it doesn't belong here.


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    Re: Chelsea Broker Recommendations?

    HI Broker Beagle... your post is okay - it was just in the wrong location. I've moved it to the Classifieds section which is where a post like this should go. It will show up in the right-hand column on the home page anytime someone responds to it. Thanks.