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    Hey guys,

    I got this great hand-held GPS (the Geko by Garmin) that I bought a few weeks ago and used literally once! I used it skiing to measure my speed and it did a great job.

    The reason I'm selling it is because on a subsequent ski trip up to Vermont - I forgot to take it and ended up buying a new one!

    I've put a couple of velcro strips on the back of it so you can stick it to something (like your helmet) but other than that it's just like new. It was originally $150 and I'm selling it for $90 (batteries included)!

    It's a really nifty device. It's made primarily for hiking. It keeps track of where you've been so you can find your way back out. But it's also good for things like biking where you can keep track of your speed/distance/elevation, etc.

    It makes all kinds of useful calculations like distance, speed, average moving speed, average total speed, max speed (fun for skiing, biking & boating), elevation, etc.

    If no one buys it here - I'll probably sell it on eBay. But save me the trip to the post office - please!

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